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Use a Forecast for Budgeting
28th May, 2012

Casestudies - 29 Aug, 05
Case 1 - The need to define proper objectives
Case 2 - Keep the objective in mind - It pays.
Case 3 - Focus on objectives; Learn from your mistakes.

RBI Hedging Regulations - 30 Dec, 2008

Readers' Contribution - 09 Jan, 03
Trading is much more than forcasting and/or technical analysis. There are very few websites, forums or books dealing with issues like Risk and Money Management. Readers are encouraged to share their Risk and Money Management ideas and experiences with others.
Money Management:The Tails make all the difference - 20 Nov, 02
It is seen that the Trading profits/losses for any period are attributable to only 15-25% of the trades. Trading results being Normally distributed, Positive results can be ensured by cutting the Negative Tail..
Stop Loss - 17 Apr, 02
Stop Loss is a vital ingredient of Money Management. We all know we should use Stop Losses. But how, when and where? Some thoughts
Diversifying Rupee Risk - 14 Aug, 2000
The Dollar-Rupee market as some inherent and unhedgeable risks. These can only be hedged by diversifying Dollar-Rupee risk into other major currencies.
Export Credit Rates - 23 Dec, 99
Interest rates available for Indian Exporters

Risk and Predictability - 4 July, 98
Risk, its assessments and its hedging has a lot to do with Predictability. A game to illustrate this point and an analysis.
FX Management Policy
Risk Management Guidelines to be used as a starting point in formulating a Risk Management Policy. An essential for all companies




Risk: Honest Questions
A series of questions a Risk Manager needs to answer. An article by John Holliwell.

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