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  Schedule and Timing

At a Glance (Morning) is posted on the website at between 0315-0330 GMT, Monday to Friday. A notification e-mail is sent out at the same time

Morning Edition is sent by e-mail, and posted on the website at, between 0530-0630 GMT, Monday to Friday

At a Glance (Evening) is posted on the website at between 1030-1045 GMT, Monday to Friday. A notification e-mail is sent out at the same time

Evening Edition is sent by e-mail, and posted on the website at and at, between 1130-1230 GMT, Monday to Friday

Intra-day Alerts may be sent by e-mail at any time of the day and are simultaneously posted on the website at

  Delays in receiving E-mails

We find that Readers who have e-mail accounts on Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail etc. tend to experience occasional delays in receiving e-mails from us. This is likely due to the high traffic on these services. If you experience any such delay, please let us know immediately at

Also, as we send mails in groups because of which there are chances that sometimes the mail goes into the SPAM folder instead of the INBOX. We request you to check the SPAM folder and UNSPAM our mail, if you get our mails in the SPAM folder after registering with us.

And, you can always read the reports online at our website by clicking on

You will be asked for your Username and Password (the same ones chosen by you at the time of registering for a Free Trial). So, please remember them. If you do forget them, however, please write to us and we shall remind them to you.

  Help and Support

If ever you face any problems, have a complaint or even a suggestion, please write to us at or call us at 00-91-33-24892010 / 12. We shall always be glad to be of service. Remember, there are human beings at this end of the line when you write or call. We shall stand by our service and will always be ready to help you to the best of our abilities.

In this regard, you will be well served by filling in your correct Phone Number at the time of Registration. That helps us call you (at our cost) in case there is a problem which does not seem to get solved through e-mail interaction. Several Clients have experienced this superior level of service from us.

  Free Trial and Subscription

New Users are entitled to a 1-month Free Trial of our full service, which includes access to the restricted areas of the website and receipt of all commentary and trade signals via e-mail. The User may choose to subscribe to the service after 1-month, choosing between 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.

The Subscription rates are posted on the website and notified by e-mail at the time of registering for a Free Trial and on expiry of the Free Trial. They are subject to change without notification, at our sole discretion.

Upon expiry of the Free Trial, a User may opt for a Paid Subscription to the service. If he does not, the service will no longer be available to him.

Subscription payments can be made in the following 3 methods

  1. Online payments through PayPal (without necessity of having a PayPal account) by clicking on

  2. US Dollar checks/ cheques favouring KSHITIJ CONSULTANCY SERVICES, to be sent via FedEx/ UPS/ courier to our office address at

    Kshitij Consultancy Services
    Suite 2 G, Tower C
    Hastings Court
    96, Garden Reach Road
    Kolkata - 700 023

  3. Wire/ Electronic Transfer to our bank account. If you wish to pay by this method, please e-mail us at and we shall send you our relevant bank account details.

  Registration, Username and Password

To register for a 1-month Free Trial, fill in the Registration Form at the bottom of

Each registration request is reviewed manually and a 1-month Free Trial is given at our sole discretion. If we have any reason to believe that a User may have availed a Free Trial earlier and has not subsequently subscribed to the service, we may decide not to allow him/ her another Free Trial. Incomplete and/ or inaccurate registration details are likely to be rejected.

While filling in the Registration Form, you have to choose a Username and Password for yourself. Users should remember which Username and Password they have chosen as these are used to provide access to subscribers' areas on the website, related to the "FX Thoughts for the Day" service . If you forget them, however, you can write to us at or at and we shall give them to you again.

  Subscribers' Areas

The current day's Morning Edition and intra-day alerts are available in the Subscibers' area of the web site and can be viewed by entering the Username and Password at

Deal-by-deal details of the Trade Performance records can be accessed at

The Trade Book that contains the Current Orders, Open Trade Positions and recently closed Trades can be viewed at this page:

"At a Glance" (details below) can be accessed at

  At a Glance

"At a Glance" is a unique, pathbreaking, patented feature of our service. It shows simultaneously, in a single place, major Supports and Resistances across 4 different time frames, viz - Weekly, 3-day, Daily and 4-hours. The supports and resistances are updated twice daily, first near 0330 GMT and then near 1045 GMT. The current update can be accessed using the Username and Password at

This service can be used either in conjunction with or independent of the FX Thoughts comments, forecasts and trade signal. It may be noted, however, that the FX Thoughts comments, forecasts and trade signal are quite often based on the levels given in "At a Glance"

For FAQs on how to use the "At a Glance" feature, please click on

  Commentary and Trade Signals

Some of the common abbreviations we use are:

R - 3 to 4 levels of Resistances, proceeding to the right from the nearest to the farthest.
S - 3 to 4 levels of Supports, proceeding to the right from the nearest to the farthest
SL - Stop Loss
TP - Take Profit
TSL - Trailing Stop Loss
MA - Moving Average
DMA - Day Moving Average
OCO - One Cancels the Other Order

The commentary contains our reading of the market movements over the next few hours or days or weeks. This is free flowing commentary, an expression of what we see in the market at the time of writing. The reading may/ may not give rise to a trade idea. In case there is a trade idea it is spelt out afterwards, as illustrated below.

Market Trade:
This is a position entered into AT the time of writing, at the then prevailing market rate.
AUD-USD @ 0.7378/83...Buy Some
Market Trade (at the time of writing):
Buy AUD 10K at current level, SL 0.7344, TP 0.7430

Here, AUD 10,000 is bought against the USD at 0.7383 (Offer side of the market rate at the time of writing).

This is a reference to a position that has been entered into earlier, either through the execution of an Order, or by entering into an at-the-market Trade

Example, from the above Trade:
AUD 10K Long at 0.7383, SL 0.7344, TP 0.7430

Limit Order:
This is an Order placed in the market to either Buy or Sell at a price which is at least some distance away (usually 10-20 pips or more) from the market rate prevailing at the time of writing. The probable market conditions and bid-offer spreads etc are taken into consideration while framing the Orders and Users are to place the Orders exactly as mentioned

Suppose, the AUD-USD is trading at 0.7378/83 and we wish to sell on a rally to 0.7435, we may place an Order thus:
Limit Sell Order:
Sell AUD 10K at 0.7435, SL 0.7465, TP 0.7390

Exit Trade:
We might sometimes want to exit a trade (position) at the market, before the predetermined SL or TP is hit.Then we would write as follows:

Exit Trade (at the time of writing):
Exit at current level the AUD 10K Long entered at 0.7383

Assuming the market is 0.7396/7401 at the time of exiting the trade, the Bid side (0.7396) will be taken as the Exit Rate.

Treatment of Pending Order - An Order, once placed, may either get executed or may remain unexecuted. If an Order is triggered, it gets converted into a Position and is shown under "Holding" in the next update, assuming it has not been either stopped out nor has profit been booked on it. In case an Order is not triggered, it may be retained (either in its original or in a modified form) or may be discarded/ cancelled/ taken back in the next Morning or Evening update. If it is not shown as retained under Order, or is not mentioned at all, it is assumed to have been withdrawn. Thus, Orders are not GTC (good till cancelled). Rather they are taken as cancelled unless retained or renewed.

  Money Management

We assume a deposit amount of USD 25,000/- Each lot that we trade is roughly USD 10,000/-, irrespective of the base currency. To achieve this, we adjust the base currency amount either up or down, as required, so that it roughly equals USD 10,000/-

Thus, we trade EUR 10,000/- when trading EUR-USD or EUR-JPY Similarly we trade GBP 10,000/- in GBP-USD and AUD 10,000/- in AUD-USD.

We tend to keep Leverage very low, between 2-5 times and advise all Traders to avoid the temptation of huge leverages.


All executed trades and orders, with their corresponding Profits and Losses are recorded in our performance records which are available for viewing and review. Unexecuted Orders are not included. We might have made a great forecast, but did not back it up with any trade/ order. Sorry, it will not be mentioned. Only that will find mention which would have actually been traded in the market.

A summary of Trading Performance since Sep-02 can be viewed at

Deal-wise details of each year's trading performance can be viewed by following the relevant links on the above page or by clicking, for example for Sep-05 to Aug-06, on

NOTE that you need to be a Registered User and key in your Username and Password to be able to see the deal-wise details. For details on Registration, Username and Password, click here.


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