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Like you, we, at Kshitij Consultancy Services, are also citizens of the Internet, and fully understand and appreciate your concerns with respect to the sanctity and privacy of your Personal Information.

We promise not to pass on or sell any Personal Information you provide to us to any third party unless forced to do so by Law. We are in the business of providing Forex Advisory Services and not in the business of selling E-mail addresses.

Why we ask for Detailed Personal Information
There are a few simple reasons why we request you to provide full and correct details regarding yourselves while registering to use any of our services.
1) The first, most obvious reason is to be able to send our reports via E-mail to you.
2) The second reason is, we would like to get to know you better. We are human beings and would like to know who our Clients/ prospective Clients are, where they hail from etc. This will, over time, enable us to provide better, more useful services to our Clients.
3) The third reason is, we would like to discourage freeloaders from using our services. We believe we provide a valuable and useful service and, obviously, hope to earn from providing such services. It is our belief that those who are seriously interested in utilising our services will have no qualms about entering their full and correct details as a means of communicating their seriousness.

How we use your Personal Information
We use your information to:
  • Understand where our Visitors come from
  • Keep track of the usage of our various services
  • Maintain a Registration/ Subscription database
  • Occasionally send E-mails to our Visitors with information/ ideas/ reports/ research/ product offerings that may be useful to our Visitors

    If you would not like to receive any mails from us without explicit consent from you, please send us a mail to that effect at
    mail@kshitij.com and we shall comply with your directions.

    We hope that you will find our website and our services useful and look forward to forging a long lasting relationship with you.

    Thank you.

    Kshitij Consultancy Services